12 Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition

We offer all the innovations to professionals at IDEX, the only fair held for oral and dental health industry in Turkey. The organization carried out through us with the support of DİŞSİAD (Dental Materials and Industrialist and Businessmen's Association) has great significance inasmuch as we target to increase the trade volume of the participants on one hand while we strive to host the technological improvements incident to public health on the other hand.

More than 40% of the sector's exports will be realized by virtue of new business connections to be established at the fair which will be visited through dentists, academics, technicians, head physicians of hospitals and authorized personnel of dental laboratories. Purchasers from Balkan countries, North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Russia will place orders by meeting the participants at the fair. 

Let's meet at IDEX where sectoral activities will also be carried out... 

Date: 03 - 06 April 2014 

Location: CNR Expo Istanbul - Turkey 

Targeted Number of Participants: over 400 

Exhibition Area: 25,000 m2 

Targeted Visitors: Over15,000  

Phone: +90 212 465 74 74 

Fax: +90 212 465 74 76/77 

E-mail: info@cnridex.com

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